From the clear, cold waters off Newfoundland, comes the tender and sweet tasting Northland Brand Canadian Snow Crab Meat and Cold Water Shrimp.

Over the years, Northland Brand has assured our customers the guaranteed, outstanding quality of real Canadian Snow Crab and Cold Water Shrimp.

Pre-cooked for easy preparation, Canadian Snow Crab Meat and Cold Water Shrimp combines the convenience of a fast food with the flavor and nutrition of a home-cooked meal, a true food value demanded by today's consumer.

Northland Brand Snow Crab Meat and Cold Water Shrimp offers our customers flexibility, with a wide variety of packs for a variety of uses:
All Leg Meat (100% All Leg Meat)
All Leg Broken Meat (100% All Leg Broken Meat)
Combination Meat (40% Leg and 60% Body Meat)
Salad Meat (100% Body Meat)
Cocktail Claws (Caps Removed)
Cold Water Shrimp
Peeled & Cooked
125-175 ct 4 x 5
175-250 4 x 5
250-350 4 x 5
350-500 4 x 5
Retail 12 x 12



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